You Will Never Guess What Country Has Invaded the American Nation of Hip-Hop The Answer Will Both Shock and Amaze You!!!

10 Rappers Representing Hip-Hop The Game Will Never Be The Same!



Haitian American Rap Artist Lil Zoe Born in New Jersey Raised in Miami, Fla. Infatuated By Flashy Pimps, Rappers & Drug Dealers Motivated Him to Rap. At age 17 Lil Zoe Started Rappin And realized How easy it was to put his daily Street life into Lyrical form He then begin to put his lifestyle and surroundings into Real Rap. Lil Zoe then Created a huge Fan base and Network with local artist, producers, D.j’s and promoter and learn the Business side of the music industry and Created his own label Thv Records.

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