You Will Never Guess What Country Has Invaded the American Nation of Hip-Hop The Answer Will Both Shock and Amaze You!!!

10 Rappers Representing Hip-Hop The Game Will Never Be The Same!

2.Jeff Chery


Born in Haiti, raised in Flatbush Brooklyn and became a man in Soufside Atlanta. Jeff Chery, fka Pay$oz, was raised in a music-loving environment, first by his father, who was a musician in a few local bands, back in Haiti, then by H.D, his next door neighbor in Brooklyn, who introduced him to early hip-hop in the mid-90s — Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, the Wu-Tang among others. His stage game is of the hook and sets him apart from his peers from France to Cali he has a dynamic performance that moves crowds as proven by the following video!

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