You Will Never Guess What Country Has Invaded the American Nation of Hip-Hop The Answer Will Both Shock and Amaze You!!!

10 Rappers Representing Hip-Hop The Game Will Never Be The Same!

***This list is not in order of “rank” just showing love for Haitian Rap Stars***

If Hip-Hop was a state and not just a state of mind it would be a multi-billion dollar Nation unto itself and this list of rappers originate from one of the poorest nations with one of the richest cultures so without a doubt the wins are changing and the rumbling breeze from this nation is surely being felt across the waters!

According to ForbesWhen hip-hop began more than 20 years ago, corporate America ignored it. Big mistake. It now generates over $10 billion per year and has moved beyond its musical roots, transforming into a dominant and increasingly lucrative lifestyle.

1.Kodak Black


According to HotNewHipHop “Kodak Black is the best high-school rapper in the country. ”

His parents were immigrants from Haiti. Octave was raised by his mother in Golden Acres, a public housing project in Pompano Beach. Plagued with legal issues currently in jail for committing real crimes the young rising star has the street cred and war wounds to back his lyrics and lifestyle it’s only a matter if he can stay FREE long enough to enjoy and reap the rewards of fame!


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