Mastersellers Music releasing The Mark Williams new single AIN’T NOTHING WRONG

Show business renaissance man The Mark Williams Singer, Actor, Live event producer, writer, artist manager, radio and television host and the list goes on.

Having managed and or produced a Who’s Who of talent including Mike Epps, Katt Williams, New Edition, Keith Sweat, Salt and Pepa, Musiq Soulchild, KC & JO JO, El Debarge, Stylistics, The Dells, Dramatics and over 200 other Gold and Platinum artists.

Mastersellers Music is proud to be releasing his new single AIN’T NOTHING WRONG off his upcoming Album; ALL THE HITS, the follow up to DANCE FOR ME which held the #1 spot on the Billboard physical CD charts for Two weeks.

The Mark Williams is a singer-songwriter who specializes in bridging the gap between today’s hip-hop/trap & classic old-school R&B, creating a sound that has its own identity without compromising either genre.

“This comes from the solid group of producers I worked with, Ku Dolla, DJ Funky, and myself have figured how to stay true to who I am and also being true to today’s musical atmosphere. These talented group of guys put a beautiful glaze of today’s musical production techniques on my sophisticated musical vocal arrangements making it feel fresh and clean to today’s listeners”. states The Mark Williams

“ALL THE HITS” features some of the best music of this musical time period. With songs running the gamut from love to dance music.

The Mark Williams goes on to say… “I’m proud of this collection of great music and as you will hear after the full collection comes out you will be impressed with this music.”
Some of the songs from the upcoming collection “ALL THE HITS” includes. “DANCE FOR ME” a romantic and intimate tale of a man who loves his woman and her passion to dance. This sensitive mid tempo love song was written by The Mark Williams and Dre Gray and produced by the LA based SWAT team.

Williams said” when I heard the track I could hear the sensuality in the beauty of the music but I didn’t want to write anything overtly sexual.

Then one night I was watching television and saw President Obama and his First Lady Michelle dancing and the way he looked at her spoke to me.

Seeing a Black man not ashamed of showing his joy with his woman was something we men seem to hide nowadays and the words just came to me”. “There’s a line that says when you walked into the room every guy was watching you, but you danced, you danced for me”. To me that says it all”
As a part of the New Romantic Soul scene, which is a group of singers, producers and writers whose songs are about love and romance.

“It’s no secret says, Williams, that a woman wants to be loved, treated right, spoken to with sweetness and respect and wants a man to be a man. The music of today, not all of it but quite a bit is so sexual and doesn’t talk to a woman’s heart, her dreams and wishes.

We know there’s a large group of women who want her man to show a tender, loving side and we hope that our songs do just that”. If that’s the goal DANCE FOR ME will definitely touch many a woman’s heart.

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