Houzz gets an AR update, Strava goes social and Spotify launches QR codes: this week in apps

Gmail’s massive phishing swindle and Microsoft’s brand-new Surface laptop debut may have confused you from reading about some of this week’s better brand-new apps.Don’t sweat it. We got you.

Each week, we round up the most recent app news, along with a few of our favorite brand-new and updated apps, to hold you in the loop with everything coming to your phone.

Here’s what caught our eye the coming week. If you’re looking for more, make sure to check out last week’s look at top apps.

Soundcloud launches The Upload

Image: soundcloud

The Upload is a brand new breakthrough feature from Soundcloud that delivers a roll of the newest tracks adapted to the user’s liking. Similar to Spotify’s Discover Weekly, which creates a “mixtape” every week, The Upload employs machine learning to bring the freshest music that you would like. It’s an updated to Souncloud’s own Suggested Tracks feature.

Strava runs social

Image: strava

Strava, the activity tracker and athlete social network, got a big update, including a brand-new feature called “Athelete Posts” which allows athletes to blog about their escapades. The feature is currently limited to select athletes but soon it may be allowed all Strava users. The company likewise described its brand-new goal: “everything you love about your sport in one app.” Notably, Strava’s brand-new CEO, James Quarles, previously a VP at Instagram, will help the company focus on its goal of being a social app and community platform.

Houzz gets an AR update

Image: houzz

Furniture shopping app Houzz added a simple AR mode to its iOS app. The app previously had a 2D “view in my room” feature which allowed users to view what 2D cutouts of the products would look like overlaid with images of their residences. The brand-new update includes depth and allows users to turn the furniture around.

Download iOS.

Elsewhere :

Image: bart bonte

Image: bart bonte

Yellow is a unique and addictive perplex game that requires a different technique to solve each level. There are 50 levels in total and they all have the same objective: to become the entire screen yellow.

Download iOS and Android.

Image: csnaps

CSnaps is a new app from former Bon Jovi drummer Richie Sambora to aid channel your adore for celebrities into charitable gifts. Consumers of the app can take a photo with their favorite celebrity when they run into them and then “purchase” the photo by making a charitable donation.

Download here.

Spotify has launched “Spotify Codes, “ the company’s version of QR codes to share songs, albums and playlists. You can scan a Spotify Code via a camera in the Spotify app or select an image from photos.

Image: youtube

YouTube is get a fresh redesign, which you can try for yourself by going to youtube.com/ brand-new.

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