Fox to employees: Don’t act like the president

Don’t act like the president at Fox, except at Fox News .

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Trying to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace? Here’s some easy-going admonition: Don’t act like the president.

That’s the content human resources staffers at 21 st Century Fox recently started doling out to employees. Videotape of President Donald Trump saying he would grab women “by the pussy” before appearing on an Access Hollywood segment in 2005 shaped its wayinto education demonstrations on behavior to evade at work, according to a story in The Hollywood Reporter .

The demonstrations have incorporated the audio and footage of Trump for the past few months, THR mentioned. The HR team reportedly outlines what happened on the videotape, where Trump brags to Billy Bush about how his renown allowed him to grab women without their consent. Trump specifically talks about how he planned to kiss Access Hollywood ‘s Arianne Zucker and remarks about her look, which the HR reps clarify is sexual harassment and should be reported.

This presentation would be strange enough for a giant firm, but consider who works for 21 st Century Fox and it gets downright absurd. The corporation, of course, owns Fox News Channel. The same Fox News Channel whose hosts have defended Trump’s words time and again, including in reference to this tape.

Oh, yeah, and, The New York Times corroborated recently that Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly resolved sexual harassment suits from at the least five women for at the least $13 million. Trump said he shouldn’t have resolved!

I dont suppose Bill did anything wrong, ” Trump told the New York Times .

Fox News’ Roger Ailes also left the network amid a vortex of sexual harassment claims.

According to THR , a human resources representative joked to 21 st Century Fox staffers that the department “handled all of Fox except Fox News.”

Maybe they should get in there and take a crack at it , no?

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