Current Top 9 Hip-Hop & R&B EPs Of 2018

We ranked our favorite EPs of 2018 so far.

In a world where mixtapes are becoming albums and albums are becoming EPs, the lines between different forms of expression within this medium have never appeared so blurred. Some artists are tossing out these short collections of songs so that the fans can dictate what will eventually become the lead single for a forthcoming album; others are merely interested in pushing the form to its limits, cramming as much style and content into a ~20 minute runtime as we, the listeners, could possibly digest.

9. Chief Keef – Ottopsy

Amidst the worst cat and mouse game of all time, Chief Keef quietly put out one of the best EPs of the year. As menacing as it is catchy, Keef runs through a hit list of flows with the finesse of an assassin. With his recent string of releases, starting with last year’s Two Zero One Seven and Thot Breakers and including the recent compilations of previously leaked tracks, Keef continues to solidify why he’s one of the most influential acts of this decade.

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