Cardi B Has ‘Literally Tripled’ Her Dentist’s Business Thanks To Bodak Yellow!

Cardi B is soaring to new heights with her hit single Bodak Yellow, which recently claimed the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 (and dethroned Taylor Swift in the process.)

But the NYC rapper isn’t the only one experiencing a surge in popularity — her dentist is, too!

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For those who don’t know, the Love & Hip-Hop alum has been vocal about the major dental upgrade she got last year. Now that her song is blowing up, business is booming for Dr. Catrise Austin!

Cardi’s doc told TMZ:

“Since the song ‘Bodak Yellow,’ that just went No. 1 this week, went out, things have been incredible. My business has literally tripled.”

The dentist explained that listeners have been curious to find out who does Cardi’s dental work thanks to the song’s lyric “Got a bag and fixed my teeth/Hope you hoes know it ain’t cheap.”

She ain’t lying, either! Dr. Austin, who calls herself “The Queen of Smiles,” revealed that the 24-year-old’s porcelain veneers cost as much as a luxury SUV!

Cardi has been more than happy to plug Dr. Austin’s business — in addition to the shoutout in Bodak Yellow, the performer endorsed the dentist in a YouTube video last November:

If only Kylie Jenner was as grateful to her lip doctors!

[Image via Instagram/YouTube.]

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