Anna Delvey Tells All: Life After Jail, Inventing Anna & Extra

E!: What was the go to like?

AD: She was very candy. She truly got here with Jessica and anyone from her crew. And we simply sort of had the chat. She did give me an instance of like her accent.

E!: What’d you consider the accent?

AD: I suppose she was working off of me earlier, as a result of I do not converse like that anymore. I have been within the states for such a very long time and I have never left. However I suppose again in 2016, 2017, I used to be nonetheless touring quite a bit, and my accent was stronger.

E!: What did you consider her portrayal in Inventing Anna?

AD: I have never watched it. I watched, like, half an hour. 

E!: So you do not plan on ever watching it?

AD: By no means say by no means. There’s a lot to observe that I’d like to atone for. And I do know the story.

E!: What was probably the most outrageous factor that Netflix could have gotten flawed about your life?

AD: I do not even know as a result of I did not watch all the things, however perhaps the entire yacht factor or me simply overdosing on some remedy. That by no means occurred, in Malibu.

E!: What do you consider the “I haven’t got time for this” line from the collection? Did you ever actually say it?

AD: I am certain. I say it on a regular basis nonetheless. I do not assume I am the one which got here up with that, individuals say it on a regular basis.

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E!: Are you interested by having your individual docuseries or documentary sooner or later?

AD: Finally, yeah. I really feel like I am going via a lot. And even now, being on home arrest. I get every kind of presents, so I see what the perfect factor can be. No actuality exhibits.

E!: Who would you need to play you in a movie adaptation of your life?

AD: It will rely which period the movie can be targeted on I suppose. Proper now? Jennifer Lawrence can be a good selection.

(This interview has been edited and condensed for size and readability.)



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