An anatomically correct seat was installed to make a point about sexual harassment.

Anyone using the Mexico City Metro recently may have spotted an … odd seat on the qualify, a bench quite unlike the rest.

Instead of a back, the seat’s plastic was molded into a person’s protruding torso. And instead of a flat bottom for sitting, the seat took on the form of that person’s thighs and penis .

Obviously, it wasn’t the most comfortable or preferred seat on the qualify for riders.

GIF via U.N. Women/ YouTube.

Above the seat was a sign saying the seat “for men only.”

Another sign on the floor, legible once person or persons was sitting in the chair, reads( carried from Spanish ): Its annoying to sit here, but doesnt compare to the sexual violence females sustain on their daily trips.”

Watch a video of confused, amused, and offended passengers suffering the seat below :

The campaign, #NoEsDeHombres, was launched by U.N. Women and authorities in Mexico City to train men on the seriousness of sexual assault on public transit.

Mexico’s capital has a bad reputation when it comes to women’s safety, the BBC reported. A global 2014 investigate detected Mexico City was the worst in the world to its implementation of verbal and physical harassment experienced on public transit.

But harassment got problems on virtually every major city transit structure including in the U.S . Last time, a survey of Washington , D.C ., transit equestrians detected 1 in 5 consumers had experienced sexual harassment during the course of its commutes, with 28% of the above figures reporting having been inappropriately touched or assaulted. As you could have guessed, females is almost three times as likely as men to experience harassment, the survey results found.

Maybe a seat like this for men should be on every city qualify from here on out.

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