A revealing new photo series captures LGBTQ celebrities in their homes.

15 years ago, Tom Atwood noticed something flip-flop through photography books capturing gay life: Everything seemed the same.

The subjects were young. The aesthetics were chic. They only featured people and tales inbig cities.

Atwood, a gay photographer himself, “ve got an idea”: Why not capture LGBTQ people ordinary folks and celebrities alike living in the everyday ?

In “Kings& Queens in Their Castles, ” a photo book documenting members of the LGBTQ community in their homes including about 60 gay celebrities and influencers Atwood eventually delivered his idea to life.

1. George Takei , performer( “Star Trek, ” “Heroes” ), surrounded by gift wrap and bowings in his Los Angeles home.

2. Meredith Baxter , performer( “Family Ties, ” “Glee” ), supposes over the day ahead in her kitchen in Santa Monica, California.

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