15 Truestarz Moment’s When Laverne Cox’s Inner And Outer Beauty Blew Us Away

There are few stars who use their celebrity for good quite as genuinely and passionately as Laverne Cox. The work that she has done on screen is paralleled only by the work she has done to increase visibility and awareness around the transgender community.

Beyond that, Cox, who happens to be amongst our picks for one of the best-dressed celebrities in Hollywood, wows us regularly with her relatable attitude. A glance at her Instagram feed might fool someone into thinking they’re looking at just another one of their friends.

It’s that down-to-earth nature and commitment to spreading awareness that make Cox shine. In honor of the star’s 32nd birthday on May 29, behold, 15 times her beauty — both inside and out — blew us away.

1. When she was just as much as a Beyonce fan-girl as all of us: